Artificial Emotional Intelligence for G-Cloud 10

FlyingBinary is proud to be awarded on the tenth and latest iteration of the groundbreaking G‑Cloud framework on the Digital Marketplace. This award is especially significant as we launch our Artificial Emotional Intelligence service in partnership with Emrays BV, a leader in the use of AI for emotional recognition on the web. Important topics such as immigration, the strategic direction of healthcare services, and wider societal issues will be able to be understood with this new Artificial Emotional Intelligence G-Cloud service.

Running on the latest NVIDIA GPUs, Emrays EMOTION_AI detects over 20 distinct emotions in any digital content which help companies and governmental organizations measure and understand how people feel about any topic – ranging from companies, brands, and people, to concepts.

We have been awarded on all 10 framework iterations and are proud to continue our association with G-Cloud and Digital Marketplace. Read and download the full press release, see the Artificial Emotional Intelligence service details on the Digital Marketplace, or browse our G-Cloud services catalogue.

Artificial Emotional Intelligence Example Emotion Chart