A click-buy experience for HM Government approved cloud services. Procurement already done so you can get started immediately.

How it works

We design cloud services and Crown Commercial Services vets and approves the services before they are added to the G-Cloud catalogue. Once they are available on the catalogue, all you have to do as a client is choose the service and buy the quantity you need.

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Meet our Founders

Photo of Dr Jacqui Taylor

Dr Jacqui Taylor

A procurement specialist and G-Cloud lead for FlyingBinary. An Expert Advisor on the United Nations U4SSC initiative, enabling Digital Marketplace to be a global digital enabler
Photo of Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

A cloud specialist architecting all FlyingBinary's deep tech services. FlyingBinary's UK Top 100 Gov Tech company award recognises his pioneering engineering approach

"You have helped us build capability for all users, creating an improved product for all inspectors and schools”

- MD, Ofsted-

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is the groundbreaking initiative by the UK Government to bring the efficiency, scale and cost benefits of cloud computing to the public sector. Using a pre-approval framework, the procurement overhead associated with traditional ICT purchasing is minimised.

We are proud to be awarded on all the G-Cloud frameworks to date, and we have expanded our portfolio of services with each iteration. Naturally, there are regulations covering storage and processing of Government data, so all services are deployed within secure, approved data centres. All services are available at the new OFFICIAL and SECRET classification levels.

Security assured

FlyingBinary as an organisation is Cyber Essentials accredited by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).Cyber Essentials Badge

Search 'flyingbinary' in the NCSC Cyber Essentials Certificate Search to see our certificate details, or download a copy of our current certificate. Note there may be a delay until NCSC shows the up to date details.

There are five technical controls applicable to Cyber Essentials.

Firewall controlled

Secure settings

People access controls

Malware protection

Regularly updated

Some of Our Clients

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A click-buy experience for HM Government approved cloud services. Procurement already done so you can get started immediately.


Any of FlyingBinary's Teccarto packages contain specific geographic data files designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software.

Smart Cities

Our CEO is internationally recognised as the world's first Smart City Tsar. Her latest work is as an expert advisor to the G20 and the United Nations.

Artificial Intelligence

FlyingBinary is a pioneer in the delivery of secured and accredited Artificial Intelligence services and is an accredited AI DPS supplier to HM Government.