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For all your advanced mapping requirements, Teccarto Classic brings custom point-and-polygon mapping to Tableau Desktop and Server.

Teccarto Web Globe



Perfect if you are using Tableau Public and Online, Teccarto Web delivers the same point-and-polygon mapping in a small, embeddable format.

deep analytics


When you have detailed questions about land parcels, building outlines, usage, ownership, occupancy and many, many more, Teccarto Trek is indispensible.

“We’ve been using Teccarto packages for some time now and it really made our Tableau mapping easier.”

- AB, Defra


Tableau software delivers beautiful maps out of the box, but custom boundaries are hard to use, and impossible to combine with point locations on a single map chart.

Teccarto wraps your custom geo data in a Tableau-native data package so that it is available to every user in your organisation working with Tableau Desktop or Server.

Custom geography

Boundary and point maps

Organisation wide


Teccarto Web delivers the same custom mapping capability as Classic, but optimises the package by stripping out data you don't need. Teccarto Web also ensures that the package is included when publishing, so that your custom maps work on Tableau Online and Public.


When you need deep geospatial analytics, Teccarto Trek is the perfect companion on your journey. Equipped with comprehensive land parcel and building outline data across Great Britain, Trek includes nearly 200 other attributes to deliver information-rich analysis.

Use it to understand your new project within land use, population demographic or building categorisation contexts.

Trek can additionally be augmented with satellite data to deliver unique insights and used alongside Teccarto Classic to include your custom data sets.

Detailed land and building use

Large and detail scale analysis

Map, satellite and custom data

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We created Teccarto when our public sector clients couldn't create the contextual mapping they wanted. Trying to wrangle thousands, or millions of boundary data points in Esri shapefiles, Google Kml or comma-separated text files is a nightmare.

Plus, you need to copy the right version of this data to every Tableau workbook that needs it, resulting in an admin overhead that stops you doing what Tableau does best – seeing and understanding your data. Even when you succeed in getting your data into Tableau, you still can't create a map with both boundaries and point data.

Teccarto data packages take all the headache away, because they capture your specific geo data requirements and wrap them in a single Tableau-native bundle. Install once, and all your geo data is available to every user and every workbook using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server across your organisation. Automatic recognition of your custom data columns ensures mapping is a delight.

As well as capturing published administrative, demographic or political boundaries, Teccarto can also capture your custom sales, operations or maintenance regions. Perfect for private sector clients wishing to use maps to understand sales performance within custom territories.

The ability to capture custom boundaries facilitates both world-region and community-detailed views. Supra-national boundaries are ideal to showcase global trends. At the other end of the scale, hyper-local census or government boundaries make data sets like planning applications straightforward to understand and easy to action.

We've delivered Teccarto packages for users in  government, insurance, sales, health, charities, education and urban planning, helping organisations to boost revenue, cut costs, track disease, optimise performance, plan projects and monitor progress. We're ready to assist with your next mapping project. Where shall we go?

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Any of FlyingBinary's Teccarto packages contain specific geographic data files designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software.

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Our CEO is internationally recognised as the world's first Smart City Tsar. Her latest work is as an expert advisor to the G20 and the United Nations.

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FlyingBinary is a pioneer in the delivery of secured and accredited Artificial Intelligence services and is an accredited AI DPS supplier to HM Government.