Become a Climate Champion

Do you want to contribute to solving climate change? Think it's too complex? Don't know how to get started. Or perhaps you have started and got lost in the detail or the science. Let us help you!

Alongside the publication of FlyingBinary's Sustainability Action Report (SAR), Dr Jacqui has created a course on LinkedIn Learning to teach you how to create your SAR, become a Climate Champion and make your business sustainable too. Not on, don't use LinkedIn no problem. You can get lifetime access to the course for £25.

What is a SAR?

A Sustainability Action Report is an evidenced based report identifying the business' emissions and their commitment to emissions reduction to achieve Net Zero by 2050. What does the SAR cover?

All 7 GHGs

Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions

Carbon Neutral

Net Zero

“If everyone taking this course does a little, we will deliver climate change "

– Dr Jacqui Taylor - FlyingBinary CEO



Climate change affects us all. This course contains everything you will need to make your climate change commitments

Accessible resources

Learn anytime, anywhere

Completion certificate

Lifetime access

“ I’m here to give you a seat at the table so you can become a climate champion too"

– Dr Jacqui Taylor - CEO FlyingBinary

Post course

FlyingBinary are proud to be a High-level Climate Champion company recognised by the United Nations as part of the Race to Zero campaign. Get in touch to start your Race to Zero too

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Race to Zero

Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Climate Leader and supports businesses of all sizes become sustainable and meet the 5 P's for the Race to Zero campaign






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Any of FlyingBinary's Teccarto packages contain specific geographic data files designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software.

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Our CEO is internationally recognised as the world's first Smart City Tsar. Her latest work is as an expert advisor to the G20 and the United Nations.

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FlyingBinary is a pioneer in the delivery of secured and accredited Artificial Intelligence services and is an accredited AI DPS supplier to HM Government.