ICO Regulatory Sandbox Final  Report

We're delighted to announce the publication of the final report from FlyingBinary's participation in the ICO Regulatory Sandbox.

Privacy Laws and Business, is a UK independent privacy laws information service who have featured our work in the ICO Sandbox in their September 2022 report.

What is the Sandbox?

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) selects innovative and challenging projects for participation in the sandbox. This is a collaborative exercise to improve both the project design and the regulatory environment. In the Sandbox we covered:

User security

Data protection

Risk assessments

AI Services

“Data protection compliance is not a barrier to innovation"

– Regulatory Sandbox Final Report - ICO


We proved that you can integrate efficient AI design, user protection and regulation before writing a single line of code.

Lean, efficient AI design

Data protection compliance


Age Appropriate Design

“Regulation by Design™ products were validated throughout the ICO Sandbox collaboration"

– Dr Jacqui Taylor - CEO FlyingBinary

How could you use this work?

At FlyingBinary, we believe that regulation is an opportunity, not a burden, and can be transformational in shaping DeepTech services. Talk to us about how we can help with

Regulation By Design™

Children's code

Integrated AI services


Read the final report

Data Sharing, Maximising Social and Economic Benefits

Key focus areas in the article are:-

What was involved

Sandbox Objectives & DPIA

The Sandbox experience

Regulation by Design™

Our Services


A click-buy experience for HM Government approved cloud services. Procurement already done so you can get started immediately.


Any of FlyingBinary's Teccarto packages contain specific geographic data files designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software.

Smart Cities

Our CEO is internationally recognised as the world's first Smart City Tsar. Her latest work is as an expert advisor to the G20 and the United Nations.

Artificial Intelligence

FlyingBinary is a pioneer in the delivery of secured and accredited Artificial Intelligence services and is an accredited AI DPS supplier to HM Government.