Pretty much everyone knows that Tableau creates the best looking charts on the planet - heck, even Gartner knows it! But there's more to Tableau than beauty, elegance and speed. You want to know that your visualisation engine is matched by your data ecosystem, that your analytics are able to track real trends and outliers in your business and that your people are really beginning to speak the language of data. In short, you want a return on this investment.


As Tableau partners of four years' standing, we deep dive below the surface to ensure that you can fully leverage all the benefits of the Tableau approach. We uncover potential obstacles as well as identifying assets to simplify and accelerate your Tableau journey.


Most organisations have spent a good deal of money and time on their data warehousing and there is no need to rebuild or start an expensive refresh. We show you how to get rapid returns with the minimum time and cost. Get started today! Request a free trial or more details on our fast start programme.

Open Data

We are passionate about the benefits of public open data, free at point of use, and its ability to promote innovation and growth. Initially working with the Guardian Data Blog to promote the use and public interaction with open data, more recently we have focused on our work with the Ministerial Advisory Group - Open Data User Group (ODUG).



ODUG has already seen significant success with community engagement and creating transparent processes. This has led to the creation of a new form of Open Data - Demand Led Open Data. This is important progress, but we believe there is more to do, particularly concerning citizen-centric engagement, data curation and ownership. We are working with a number of Smarter Cities programmes and initiatives to deliver the value from Open Data.


Open data gallery coming soon

Data journalism book

Data Journalism: Inside the global future is the title of the new edition of Data Journalism: Mapping the future that was published last year to critical acclaim. It deals with the tools and techniques needed for the treatment of numbers and data in journalism and is gaining wide acceptance in both academia and industry.


Our CEO has written the chapter Data Visualisation: Now for the Science, and our CTO designed the dataviz on the front cover.


The book is published by Abramis and officially launched on 04 Nov 2015 at a Media Society event in central London.



Dr Jacqui Taylor

Ian Taylor

Jacqui was recognised in 2016 as one of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs and awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her web science research.


An appointment for the third year as an Independent  Ministerial Advisor in Cabinet Office of H M  Government  recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Jacqui has published four books which articulate the futurist agenda based on her web science research and the datajournalism industry she co-founded. As a prominent digital European leader she recently recently presented a new Trust and Privacy model to underpin the Future of IoT in Europe.


She is an expert lead for the British Standards Institute (BSI) team with international colleagues on the top level ISO technical Committee. As the technical author for the latest BSI UK Smart City standard she has articulated the future role of UK data and its value in the domain.


She is a high profile mentor in the world’s number one digital hub, Tech City.  Jacqui mentors Founders specifically to accelerate their technology and funding options for growth.

The provision of the evidence base for the next steps of the Open Data agenda for Cabinet Office of H M Government recognised Ian as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). His company FlyingBinary was recognised in 2015 with an IoT international techtrailblazer award.


Ian collaborated with datajournalism thought leaders to produce his third publication, a new PhD primer for journalism using FlyingBinary’s web science research which connects 34 million citizens across the web. Published in November 2015, this articulated the global future of the data journalism industry, co-founded by FlyingBinary.


Ian has architected FlyingBinary’s latest innovations that are underpinning Secured European Cloud Services for Big Data and IoT, and have no reliance on the Privacy Shield.


As a geospatial specialist and a prominent member of the Python community he has architected a suite of Teccarto products which integrate with the leading Data Visualisation tool, Tableau.


Ian trains Advanced Analysts on both the Science and the Art of Data Visualisation and is a regular speaker on Cloud, Big Data, Smarter Analytics and Profiting from IoT.

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